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You want the size of your chandelier to complement the room that it is in. Finding the right size chandelier for your room does not have to be a difficult task. There is a simple formula that can help you. Just to give you a general idea of where to start with size, add the width and length of the room measured in feet. The sum equals the desired diameter of the chandelier measured in inches. For example, if the room is 14 feet x 16 feet, the chandelier diameter should be 30 inches. Remember, this is just a general starting point. Depending on how much the room is furnished, you may want to go large or smaller.

Also keep in mind that a chandelier will look smaller as you hang it higher. Therefore, if there are high ceilings or a two-story foyer, you might want to add a couple inches to the original size. At the same time, if there are low ceilings, you will want a smaller size so that people can walk underneath the chandelier. Generally, you will want at least 6 ? feet between the chandelier and the floor for someone to walk underneath it.

Many times, people choose the size of a chandelier based on a table that it will be hanging over. One recommendation is to allow 32 to 36 inches between the chandelier and the tabletop. Again, this is a general guideline, and you should allow more space if large centerpieces will be on the table. As far as the width of the chandelier is concerned, there are a couple suggestions for finding the right diameter of a chandelier that will be hanging over a table. One is that the diameter should be half the width of the table, and another is that the diameter should be two feet narrower that the table length.

When installed over a walkway or within a space such as a two-story foyer, the minimum height of installation should be 7 feet. Most often it is necessary to take into account windows or architectural accents. In a two-story installation where the second story looks down upon the room, most design professionals agree that a fixture should not hang below the second floor.

Do your best to visualize the room and the chandelier together. How big is the fixture in your mind? Where does it rest in the space? Take a mental measurement and come up with an approximate size that meets your vision.

Ultimately, stress your own discretion and taste when it comes to the final decision about the chandelier’s size. Your opinion is the most important one.



The following formulas have been provided as a general aid in calculating your needs. Measurements are given as examples.

Installed over table:

  • Table width - 37.5"

  • To calculate chandelier width multiply table width by 2/3. ? 37.5 x .667 (2/3) = 25" (+/- 5")

Hanging height:

  • Ceiling height of 12’ = 144"

  • Table height = 29"

  • Distance of lowest chandelier element to table top should be 30" - 36"

  • Distance from Ground = 36" + 29" = 65" off the ground

  • Ceiling height minus Distance from Ground height = total length of fixture w/ chain (144" - 65" = 79" total)

  • Chandelier length = 32"

  • Calculate the amount of chain by subtracting the chandelier length (79" - 32" = 47" of chain).

Installed in a Walkway

  • Ceiling height of 16’ = 192"

  • Distance from floor is 7’ = 84"

  • Length of chandelier w/ chain = 192" -84" = 108"

  • Chandelier length = 32"

  • Calculate the amount of chain by subtracting the chandelier length (108" - 32" = 76" of chain)

Installed Centered in a Pictured Window

  • Ceiling height of 16’ = 192"

  • Distance from ceiling to top of window is 3’ = 36"

  • Distance from bottom of window to top of window is 5’ = 60"

  • Center of window is 60"/2 = 30"

  • Chandelier length is 32"

  • Center of chandelier is 32"/2 = 16"

  • Subtract ceiling height from distance to top of window (192" - 36" = 156")

  • Subtract distance from top of window to center of window (156" - 30" = 126")

  • Then, subtract half the total length of chandelier (32"/2).(126" - 16" = 110")

  • Based on the preceding measurements, the lowest point the chandelier should rest is 110". This is the total length of the chandelier with chain needed for this installation. Calculate the amount of chain by subtracting the chandelier length (110" - 32" = 78" of chain).

Installed in Powder Room over Sink or Counter - out of Walkway

Fixtures in these environments should not be lower than 69", keeping them above eye level for people of average height.



If properly cared for a crystal chandelier is an investment and an heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Most people never need to clean a chandelier more than once a year. In many cases, especially with new house constructions, once every two years will suffice. Cleaning a chandelier can be intimidating, but the shining result is well worth the time and effort. Before disassembling your fixture, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS make a diagram of where all the removable parts of the chandelier belong. You may think you know where everything goes, but odds are you’ll find yourself scratching your head while staring at a mound of crystal chandelier parts. Another solution is to clean the chandelier by sections.

Never clean the chandelier with the lights turned on, and make sure to give the bulbs time to cool before beginning. Place a thick quilt or comforter under your fixture to catch any prisms you may drop. Hopefully, this will provide enough cushion to keep anything that slips out of your hand from breaking or scratching your table. Most importantly, do not turn your chandelier as you clean it. Keep the fixture stationary while you move around it.

We recommend the following method for cleaning all the crystal and chandelier parts:

  • Carefully remove all of the trimmings, placing the pendants in a plastic colander.

  • Use a small amount of mild dish detergent and rinse the pendants well with hot water. The hotter the water, the fewer the spots.

  • At this point, you can either lay out the chandelier parts separately to air dry or leave in the colander to cloth dry later. Tip: We recommend that you use mild soaps when cleaning your pendants. Harsh chemicals have tendency to react with the pinning causing them to become blackened and brittle. Admittedly, most pinning darkens with age, but you can slow this process by sticking with soap and water.

When cleaning the body of the all-crystal chandelier, we recommend dusting the fixture with a dry cloth, then using your favorite glass or chandelier cleaner sprayed on to a cloth (never spray into the fixture), wipe and polish all pieces. Tip: Dusting first cuts down on polishing later. Don ’t forget the bulbs. The more lint-free the cloth, the better the results you will have. Return all hanging chandelier parts and pieces to the fixture, working from the inside to the outside. A quick polish on each piece as you go will take care of any lingering drops of water.

When dressing larger crystal pieces where one side of the crystal is flat, always place the flat side out. While the tendency is to place the cut sides out, the facet side needs to face the center column of the fixture so light will be refracted though the crystals.

Chandelier FAQ: Answers About Owning And Operating A Chandelier

* Can Custom Made Chandeliers be returned?

No. The custom made chandeliers do not have a warranty or return policy of any kind. Simply due to the fact that they are made especially for you according to your specifications in size, finish etc

Are all chandeliers made of crystal? 

No. Traditional chandeliers are made of crystal, but there are many types of chandeliers available on the market that are made of wrought iron, alabaster, and more. 

* What voltage do chandeliers come in? 

Chandeliers come in 120 volts to 240 volts. It is important that you know what voltage your country has before buying a chandelier. 

In the United States you should use 120 volt light bulbs in our chandelier. You can find the voltage written on the bulb, usually right under the wattage, such as "60 watts, 120v" 

* What types of light bulbs should I use with a chandelier? 

It depends on what type of light you want to have in a room. There are candlelight bulbs that give the effect of a candle, an extra bright light bulb, and there are even light bulbs that flicker to give the impression of candles being blown by the wind. 

* How big should my chandelier be? 

Estimating the size of a chandelier to be used is not a precise skill. Most interior designers normally advise that your chandelier should depend on the size of your space. If you have a 13 x 15 foot room, for instance, it is suggested that you pick a chandelier with a minimum diameter of 28 inches. 

* What is the best way to clean a chandelier? 

The best way to clean a chandelier is: First, dust the chandelier using a feather duster. Make sure that the chandelier is switched off, so that the lights are not hot when cleaning it. Second, put a big garbage bag under it and spray a chandelier cleaner over the entire chandelier. Let it dry for a moment. Lastly, wipe the chandelier to make it look like new. 

* What precautions should I take to ensure that a chandelier does not fall? 

In order to ensure that your chandelier does not fall, you should know how to properly install it. Consider the following safety precautions on how to correctly install a chandelier: 

- You can hang the chandelier in the place where you once put your ceiling or drop fixtures. 

- If your chandelier is heavy, check the ceiling box to make sure that the chandelier is mounted securely. 

- If your chandelier has any instructions given by the manufacturer, read them carefully and follow them in detail. 

- The chandelier should be screwed in firmly to have enough support. 

- Before switching the chandelier on, make sure that it is mounted tightly and securely. 

* Will my house insurance cover the chandelier? 

If you have customized your homeowners insurance policy and decided to include the chandelier in your insurance coverage, then it is covered by your insurance.

* What is your Return policy on Custom Made chandeliers?

* The custom made chandeliers do not have a warranty of any kind. Simply due to the fact that they are made especially for you according to your specifications in size, finish etc.

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